How to Add Course Content?

E-ducation • published at 10:18:24 on August 1st, 2017 • updated at 19:34:52 on September 23rd, 2017

After setting up the course outline, you can add new components. You can select the third-level outline, namely the Unit, to add new components. There are five content components in the Add New Components section, namely Advanced, Discussion, HTML, Problem, and Video for you to create different types of courseware.

Add Discussion

Select "Discussion" to create a course discussion. You can also click "Edit" to edit the category and name of discussions.

After the discussion has been added, it is available for learners to view during learning. Learners can add posts, raise questions and share opinions in the discussion board.


Select "HTML" to add Rich Text File into the courseware. Courseware components provide various content templates such as Text, Full-screen Image Tool, Announcement, etc. You can choose different templates as needed.

After selecting a template, you can click "Edit" to edit components as instructed.

Add Problems

You can create course problems by selecting "Problem". This component includes various types of problems such as Blank Common Problem, Checkbox, Dropdown, Multiple Choice, Numerical Input and so on for you to choose as needed.

Questions and answers can be edited. After choosing a type of problem, you can click "Edit" to set up and edit questions and choices.

Settings can be edited in the page. Click "Setting" button on the top-right corner and you are directed to the setting page. You can set up maximum attempts, weight, etc. Weight represents the total score, and it is 1 point by default unless set to other values.

Add Video

Before adding videos, please upload videos in “Video > Video” on Xadmin system.

After uploading videos, please go back to CMS and select “Video” component, and click “+ Please select from the uploaded files” button to select from the uploaded video files on Xadmin, and then click Save for video preview.

Please note that after editing courseware content, you need to click the 'Publish' button on the right side so that learners can view the updated content.