How to Set Scoring Rules?

E-ducation • Published on July 06th, 2017, 13:56:41 • Updated on September 03rd, 16:43:36

In Overall Grade Range, you could set different grades for different score ranges, for example, Pass/Fail or A/B/C, and move the slider left or right to alter the score ranges for corresponding grades.

Different assignment types can be set in the "Assignment Type" section. Types can be set as Homework, Mid-term Exam, Final Exam and so on per your requirement.

Please fill in the proportion of score weight in the final score, the number of questions, etc.

After assignment types have been set up, you can add exercises into corresponding assignment types:

Click "Content > Outline", then click "Configure" on the right side of a second-level outline (For example, a Subsection) to pop up the setting box. Then select a category for this outline, for example, "Homework". Once saved and released, all the assignments in this type will be homework.