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We solemnly guarantee that your data will be kept confidential and secure, using Alibaba Cloud ECS and protected by Alibaba Cloud Security, with high level of protection on confidentiality. We also provide individual storage space for Web and videos, to further protect your videos, documentations, materials and other information.


Using Linux + Nginx as the server and proxy server, we have the same underlying architecture as Taobao, Sina, Tencent and other famous websites, ensuring that the system is stable and reliable.


Based on Alibaba Cloud server and Tencent Cloud TVOD services, our services can be accessed smoothly from many locations all over the world; in cooperation with Virtual Hall, with server acceleration nodes in dozens of countries and regions in 6 continents, to view live stream as if on the scene.


A secondary development based on the Open edX® platform - a world-class MOOC open-source program, which is frequently updated and improved by developers around the world.